Campaign Tool Kit

Here are a few special event tips to help make your employee campaign more exciting and more fun. A fresh and fun campaign makes your job more enjoyable and creates greater awareness among your co-workers. Listed below are some tried and true ideas you may want to include in your United Way campaign this year:


• car wash
• softball/volleyball tournament
• golf tournament or host a putt-putt tournament
• bake sales
• employee cookout/picnic
• United Way carnival
• executive dunk tank
• executive pie throw
• family days
• talent show
• ice cream social
• company celebrity waiters lunch
• place large jars throughout company for deposit of loose change
• taste of the town ethnic potluck lunch
• pancake breakfast
• auction
• United Way agency fair
• company bowl-a-thon
• fashion show and award prizes for the best outfits
• host a garage sale in which employees donate items and proceeds go to United Way
• sell casual day coupons


Contest and competition provide great campaign fun. Reward department for the largest percentage increase, most givers at the suggested giving guide level or other company campaign goals. Some examples include:

• Halloween costume contest
• baby picture guessing game
• employees’ children’s drawing contest (use all entries to publicize the campaign)
• campaign slogan/theme contest
• company campaign logo or poster design contest
• softball game
• fastest-typist, walker, runner, biker, etc.
• rope jumper
• tricycle race
• goal thermometer contest



Recruit a campaign team!

Building a campaign team not only makes your job easier, it means there are that many people talking about United Way. By getting their ideas and input, and together deciding on a campaign plan, you’re spreading the work and
the enthusiasm. Team size depends on your company’s size and the number of locations you have. Even if your organization is small, get help with your campaign.

• Select members from all major units or department, including, where applicable, both union and management leadership. Choose the “natural and informal leaders” for your team. Choose enthusiastic members of last year’s
• Assign specific duties and responsibilities based on the talents and interests of your team members.
• Solicit a retired employee to serve on the team.
• Ask next year’s employee campaign manager to serve as co-chair of the team.
• Carry out this project as you would any other important assignment: meet regularly, establish a timetable and keep track of progress and results.
• As you pull together a campaign team, remember to design your campaign thrust with two goals:
–To educate prospective donors about United Way.
–To ask people to get involved by giving.

Divide team responsibilities into the following categories:

Communications/Public Relations (getting the word out) This team member obtains campaign supplies and materials.
Plans and manages kick-off, publicity, special events, awards and incentive programs.
Agency Visits (make all the arrangements through United Way).
Employee Meetings (training meeting leaders and scheduling meetings) This team member customizes the campaign to fit the company environment. Plans and coordinates the employee meetings.
Accounting (keeping track of pledge cards and completing United Way reports) This team member develops payroll deduction procedures, prepares personalized pledge cards and personnel listings, and tabulates all campaign information.

Try These Ideas
• Give team members United Way pins and wear them prior to the start of the campaign to build awareness.
• Hold a kick-off breakfast for your team. Preview the United Way film, give out t-shirts, etc. Have a United Way or agency representative speak.
• Have your team go on pre-campaign agency tours.
• Take a group picture of team members and place in the company newsletter or bulletin board.
• Ask your CEO to send a personal letter to each team member thanking them in advance for their commitment.